Ferro Design is a company that has made the Italian taste for craftsmanship and design its key values thanks to which it is able to create unique and inimitable architectural elements. The ingredient with which for over 15 years enriches the indoor and outdoor environments of private homes and commercial activities is iron, an element that allows to realize even the most ambitious projects, thanks to its malleability and solidity.

From its foundation to today Ferro Design is growing and boasts collaborations with many internationally renowned brands in different cities: in Qatar, in Beverly Hills, in Geneva, in London and in Venice, it is possible to admire the attention to detail and the meticulous attention to detail of the works commissioned by the company.

In the list of architectural elements made by Ferro Design remember for outdoor spaces canopies, gates with finishes designed and made on customer’s indication, with initials, figures and plays of light and shadow, deck chairs, able to embellish the spaces of a private house, perhaps with the shape of the moon. Internal elements such as bookcases, large spiral staircases, sliding doors and much more have also been commissioned.

Ferro Design works on commission and is able to realize for the customer a 3D project in order to see in advance the final project.
Thanks to the maximum attention that the company devotes to the aesthetic rendering of products and the meticulous attention to detail, Ferro Design’s projects differ from the commercial standard and reinvent the spaces of the world.

For more information, please contact Ferro Design:

Via Maestri del lavoro, 38
45019 Taglio di Po, (Rovigo) Italia
+39 333 5265419


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