From June 2016 to October 2021, for over 5 years, I had the privilege of administering my city as Mayor. Chioggia, which with almost 50 thousand inhabitants is placed at
seventh place for population density of the whole Veneto, surpassing even other provincial capitals.
It was a challenging, difficult but rewarding experience where I understood
the functioning of the administrative machine from the inside, the mechanism and the overcoming of the complex processes of a local authority, but also a place where I have matured and discovered other aspects of society and people
that I did not know before. The public space has a different dimension where it focuses on society and not the whole of many people.
During my mandate I managed to start and bring to finish many activities in all sectors and services passing through the Social, Commerce, State Property, tourism and finally with those
urban construction and public works that more than others have gratified me in the work.
The detailed plan of the historic center of Chioggia and Sottomarina has in fact been approved,
as well as the New Sustainable Building Regulations.

To administer does not only mean managing public affairs dragged by the will of the people,
but also to do what in one’s heart is believed to be “wise and courageous”, with a far-sighted vision over time, leaving posterity without fear of ruling their judgment.


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